Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), in partnership with the British Council, is delighted to present The Art of Dissonance as part of UK/Korea 2017–18. This exhibition brings together 26 artworks by 16 contemporary artists, carefully selected from the 8,500 works in the British Council Collection.

The exhibition delves deep into the “dissonance” of British society from the 1980s to today and explores differences in social class, ethnicity, and economic and political positions through the artists’ own visual languages and voices. 

Featuring Turner Prize-winning artists Jeremy Deller, Grayson Perry, Wolfgang Tillmans and Gillian Wearing, as well as 2017 nominee Lubaina Himid, this exhibition explores pressing debates around identity and its representations. Works by acclaimed artists John Akomfrah, Mona Hatoum, Rachel Maclean, Cally Spooner and Bob and Roberta Smith examine preoccupations with social class and political dispute. What emerges from this assemblage of artwork is not a singular definition of British art today, but rather an exploration of how UK-based artists from diverse backgrounds and generations approach and engage with social issues that remain urgent for artists and the public alike.

With The Art of Dissonance, audiences are invited to explore British art and society today, where dissonant voices and disparate values conflict and evolve together. 

"[The exhibition] is a forum for us to experience the power of art to change the world, change our vision and change our senses." Choi Hyo-jun, Director of SeMA

Participating artists: John Akomfrah, Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane, Paul Graham, Ed Hall, Mona Hatoum, Lubaina Himid, Samson Kambalu, Rachel Maclean, Martin Parr, Grayson Perry, Bob and Roberta Smith, Cally Spooner, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing, Wolfgang Tillmans

Public programme:

  • "Self-directed Guide" by Okin Collective (Joungmin Yi and Shiu Jin)
    Every day during the exhibition
  • "Square Seminar: Forum for Artistic Practice, Participation and Intervention"
    Soohyun Koo, Kwon Hyuk-bin, Park Daham, Somi Sim, Choi Binna and led by Lee Hanbum
    Three times during the exhibition
  • Talks by artists Lubaina Himid, Alan Kane, Ed Hall
  • Lectures by Jade Keunhye Lim, Head of Exhibitions, Seoul Museum of Art, Prof. Shan Lim, Dongduk Women's University and Changryul Yang, Researcher in Philosophy, John Reardon and Michael Dutton, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Installation Images

  • The Art of Dissonance 4
  • The Art of Dissonance 2
  • The Art of Dissonance
  • The Art of Dissonance 1
  • Art of Dissonance 3
  • Burry Man Folk Archive SeMA
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