Andrew Stahl

Andrew Stahl was born in London; he studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. His first solo exhibition was held at AIR Gallery, London in 1981. He taught for a time at Chelsea School of Art and is Head of Undergraduate Painting at the Slade. In 2000 the British Council supported a residency in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His large decorative paintings of the 1980s are difficult to categorize. They seem to belong to a calm, fixed world that is none the less punctuated with moments of intensity and bursting with growth and sensuality. His repeated motifs are unavoidably symbolic, yet this is never elaborated but left on the level of the still life. The paint surface was often elaborated into a rich patina, which, however, was rarely allowed to overwhelm.


  • Painting

    Work of art made with paint on a surface. Often the surface, also called a support, is a tightly stretched piece of canvas, paper or a wooden panel. Painting involves a wide range of techniques and materials, along with the artist's intellectual concerns effecting the content of a work.

Past exhibitions


  • 1996
    • Mexico, Guadalajara, Instituto Cultural Cabanas
    • Mexico, Mexico City, Museo De Arte Moderno, Galeria De Exposiciones Temporales
  • 1995
    • Colombia, Colombia
    • Peru, Lima, Peru
    • Ecuador, Ecuador
  • 1993
    • Philippines, Manila, Culture Center Of The Phillpines
    • Malaysia, Penang, Penang State Museum And Art Gallery
    • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, National Art Gallery
  • 1992
    • Spain, Las Palmas, San Antonio Abad Gallery
    • Spain, Salamanca, Salamanca University
    • Spain, Zamora, Casa De La Cultura
    • Spain, Barcelona, Centre Cultural De La Caixa De Terrassa
    • Spain, Palma De Mallorca, Centro Cultural 'sa Nostra'
  • 1991
    • Spain, Madrid, Centro Cultural Galileo
    • Spain, Madrid, Centro Cultural Galileo
    • Spain, Cadiz, Ayuntamiento De Jerez
    • Spain, Bilbao, Museo De Bellas Artes De Bilbao
    • Spain, Valencia, Galeria Ambiente Cero
    • Spain, Leon, Caja De Ahorros
  • 1989
    • New Zealand, Hamilton, Centre For Contemporary Art
  • 1988
    • Australia, Melbourne, Heide Park And Art Gallery
    • Australia, Shepparton, Shepparton Art Gallery
    • Australia, Newcastle, Newcastle Region Art Gallery


  • 1996
    • Albania, Tirana, National Gallery
    • Croatia, Osijek, Galerija Likovbih Umjetnosti
    • Croatia, Zagreb, British Council Office - Zagreb
  • 1993
    • Jamaica, Kingston, National Gallery Of Jamaica
  • 1992
    • Barbados, St Michael, Barbados Museum And Historical Society
    • Barbados, St Michael, Central Bank Gallery
  • 1990
    • Colombia, Colombia
    • Ecuador, Ecuador
  • 1989
    • Brazil, Brazil


  • 1985
    • France, Haut De Cagnes, Château-Musée Grimaldi
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